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AUTHENTIC Vespa Scooter For Sale

1959 Vespa GS150 VS5 For Sale


Price 2: £ N/A

  • - Sale Type: Client Sale
  • - Superb UK Restoration:
  • - 12V Electronic Ignition fitted for Modern Reliability
  • - Frame Number: VS5T 0066880
  • - Engine Number: VS5M 0077607
  • - Part of a collection of over 5 Scooters.
  • - Status: SOLD
  • - Please Contact us for more information & to arrange a viewing
  • - Local Delivery available from £50
  • - Worldwide Shipping Available

Model information: PIAGGIO BUILT VESPA GS150

VS1 (1955) VS1T 001001 - 0013300 12300

VS2 (1956) VS2T 0013301 - 0023310 10010

VS3 (1957) VS3T 0023311 - 0035310 12000

VS4 (1958) VS4T 0035311 - 0047350 12040

VS5 (1959) VS5T 0047351 - 00127350 80000

From a distance of more than forty-five years, it is difficult to fully appreciate the impact the GS must have had when it was first seen in public at the Milan show towards the end of 1954. It was scooterings equivalent of the launch of the 'E' Type Jaguar at Geneva in 1961. A landmark in scooter history, 60 mph performance was combined with beautifully streamlined styling that hardly seems dated today. There were other scooters around with this kind of performance, mostly German in origin. Whilst well engineered, they were heavy and had hopeless body styling. There was now a definite market for a fast touring scooter that could be ridden to- and compete in-the hundreds of sporting events that took place throughout Europe every summer. The GS had no serious competitor in this market until the introduction of the Lambretta TV series 2 in 1959. If you add style to the equation then there was no serious competitor, ever.

Apart from being 150 cc, the extra power was accounted for by enlarged porting and carburation, which allowed the engine to run to 7500 rpm - 50% more than the 125 could manage. 7500 rpm is nothing special by today’s standards, but it certainly was at the time. The engine featured a stronger crankshaft and larger bearings to cope with the additional stresses. For the first time a fourth gear was fitted to a Vespa, and there was a larger petrol tank.